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Founding Story

Zenfuel Cofounder Anand Swaroop was introduced to the power of plant-based
healing as a child growing up in India. Anand’s grandfather, a naturopathic doctor,
practiced Ayurveda--a 5,000-year-old system of natural medicine.

After seeing the incredible results of his grandfather’s work firsthand, Anand was inspired to pursue a career in life science.

Anand went on to earn his master’s degree in biochemistry and his Ph.D. in chemistry before accepting a research position in the pharmaceutical industry. He studied the way that the many components in pharmaceutical products affected people on an individual level.

Over time, his work in the world of Western medicine led Anand to realize a major shortcoming of most prescription drugs--they were treating the symptoms of health issues without addressing the root causes.

This realization came at a time when Anand was feeling burned out and unfulfilled. He had all of the hallmarks of success, but he felt disconnected from both his health and true happiness.

Anand discovered that his childhood friends, Sri and Amit, were having a similar revelation. They were living a fast-paced, aspirational lifestyle as well, and feeling burned out, listless and unfulfilled.

So, the three friends decided to come together; to combine their complimentary professional backgrounds to create a company that would help more people discover health and happiness. And just like that (okay...obviously we’re skipping over a few steps !), Zenfuel was born.

Meet The Team

Anand Swaroop, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Anand Swaroop has a master’s degree in biochemistry & Ph.D. in chemistry. He spent 15 years doing research in the pharmaceutical industry before returning to his roots in plant-based healing.

Anand runs his own cellular & genetic research lab and oversees the farm-to-bottle supply chain for every Zenfuel ingredient. His unique dual expertise in traditional healing & modern biochemistry enables Anand to bring the best of both worlds to every Zenfuel product.

Sri Rajagopalan


Sri has over 30 years of leadership experience at Fortune 500 companies, overseeing eCommerce and P&L for some of the most recognizable CPG brands in the world.

He has worked as Senior Vice President of eCommerce & Digital Sales at Revlon, Vice President of eCommerce & New Business Models at Johnson & Johnson, and General Manager of Sales & eCommerce at PepsiCo.

He is the proud father of two talented daughters who are both rising pop stars.

Amit Pujara


Amit is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of management consulting experience. He has led businesses in customer experience, business strategy, acquisitions planning and sales growth across sectors ranging from retail to real estate.

Amit has applied his business expertise toward running several successful retail franchises, guided by his ability to build meaningful connections between businesses and consumers.

He recently added a new furry member to his family -- a Bichonpoo resembling a marble, named (of course) Marbles.