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The True Definition of Wealth and Why it Correlates to Health & Happiness

On this episode of our Journey to Zen podcast, Lori discusses the shame around the word “money” and how to build wealth for a balanced life with life and career coach Chris Harder. It’s probably safe to say we’ve been given a lot of mixed messages on the kind of relationship we have with money in our lives, and Chris’ goal is to drastically reduce the unspoken shame we have around making money.

Once you realize money is an energetic exchange, you give yourself the ability to not only build wealth of your own but help the people around you, because nothing is more unstoppable than wealth combined with a good heart! Take a look at Chris’ top 3 tips to start building your wealth below:

1 Stop the bleeding
Start getting rid of the things you don’t need. For example, what streaming services are you barely using? Are you living above or below your means when it comes to your living situations? Finding ways to cut corners, even in small ways, can help you save a lot of money in the long run.

2 Create a runway
Chris brings up a scenario where he sold a bunch of things he no longer needed on Craigslist. Instead of worrying what his neighbors thought when people were coming to his house to buy things or if he would make all the money back on what he was selling, he was able to save that extra money for long term benefits.

3 Invent new income
Creating new can happen on both a push and pull basis. A pull basis is when you cut on spending and sell what you already have, while push pertains to creating a side hustle. if you’re unsure on where to start, Chris says to pose two questions to yourself: 1) Given all the new opportunities, what are the brand new needs that exist in our current landscape? 2) What are my skillsets, and how can those skills solve one or more of these needs?

Although the past year has been nothing short of challenging, keep in mind that change always creates new opportunity, and side hustles will put you in a better position to build the wealth you deserve. It doesn’t have to be anything revolutionary either, even being a personal assistant can give you some of the extra cash you need.

For more hacks on how to save money and build your wealth, check out our full interview with Chris here!