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Terra's Tips to Conquer Your Week

If you’ve watched the Netflix series or heard the true crime podcast about Dirty John, you’re probably familiar with Debra Newell’s daughter, Terra. Terra is now a life coach who loves to help people move past their trauma and live up to their full potential. Take a look at Terra’s tips to conquer the week below:

1 Avoid Burnout
It’s okay to say no sometimes! We are benefitting both ourselves and the people around us when we don’t stretch ourselves too thin. Take the small breaks you need and realize there is more to life than productivity.

2 Don’t be afraid to ask for help
You are not alone in your struggles. More often than not, other people will understand what you’re going through and will be happy to help. There are more than likely at least a couple people in your circle who are a call or text away.

3 Yoga and meditation 3 times per week
Both yoga and meditation have a myriad of benefits, including increased circulation, slowing down your nervous system and improved sleep. Mixing yoga and meditation into your week is easier than ever thanks to YouTube and other streaming platforms. We even have our own free 2-minute meditation you can check out. Pro Tip: ZenChil before yoga + meditation relaxes the mind with pure & potent ashwagandha. 

4 Cut back on screen time
We know how addicting scrolling through your phone can be. It’s important to be mindful of how often you check your email and social media accounts. Luckily, there are now features on your smart phone that allow you to track your screen time so you can see how much time you’re really wasting. Who knows, maybe you can allot that extra time to something you were too busy for before!

5 Journal
Sometimes you’ll feel better simply by getting your thoughts out on pen and paper. Journaling is a great way to process what you’re feeling and creating tangible goals. It also helps cut the extra noise out of your mind and figure out what your top priorities are for the week.

To learn more about Terra and her awesome life hacks, check out the latest episode of our podcast to get a deeper look into her incredible story.