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5 Work from Home Hacks to Maximize Balance and Relieve Stress in Your Life

Are you struggling to stay on top of your work from home routine? For many of us, COVID marks our first time working in a completely remote setting, and the winter months can add an extra challenge to getting out more. Plus, you may have kids, pets or other distractions you may not be used to dealing with while you’re working on top of everything else.  

Lucky for you, there are plenty of easy hacks that will make your life easier while working from home, all while feeling better in both your body and your mind.  

The two main problems with working from home are either that there’s a struggle to stay productive or a struggle to not let work take over your life. You could either be dealing with the aforementioned distractions, or alternately, are way more productive because you’re not dealing with a commute or separation of space. The latter, however, can lead to major burnout which is why it’s so important to cultivate a balance between these two extremes.  

Create a Routine 

Having a morning and/or night routine is a great way to keep you in a productive rhythm on a day to day basis. For example, you can do something as simple as walking your dog and making some coffee before work in the morning, or reading a chapter of a book before bed. It’s important to not only find what works for you but to start integrating these habits into your life slowly so they are more sustainable over time. It’s also extremely beneficial to have a hard stop on your screen time at the end of the day so you can wind down for bed. Check out our podcast with Spiritual Coach, Taylor Simpson on the perfect morning routine:  

If you need extra help relaxing at the end of the day, we recommend natural sleep and relaxation supplements like ZenSonno or ZenChil-- formulated with water extracted Ashwagandha to help you feel refreshed the next morning.  

Stick to a Schedule  

There are plenty of digital tools that can help you do this. When you actually add your tasks to a digital calendar like Outlook or Google Calendar, you can set reminders for yourself and create timeframes to work on certain tasks. 

It’s beneficial to schedule obligations outside of work like a workout so you will be more likely to do them. This will also help combat any of the distractions you may be dealing with. 

Stay Active 

Speaking of workouts, incorporating movement into your day, even if it’s just a walk, is great for not only your productivity but your mental and physical health.

The gold standard is 30 minutes of light to moderate activity, but if you think about it, 30 minutes of physical activity can easily be 30 minutes of unproductive screen time you can subtract. 

Iyou’re extremely active and need some additional help recovering, we recommend incorporating herbal adaptogens like Turmeric, which can be found in our bone and joint supplement ZenMove. 


Get Outside When You Can 

This is especially true if you live somewhere with a milder climate. A walk around the block alone can clear your mind and help you finish the task at hand at your job. If you’re dealing with inclement weather, consider doing some free yoga workouts on YouTube or using workout equipment either at home or your local gym. It’s important to incorporate stress relievers into your day that you enjoy to avoid burnout.  


Make Time for Friends and Family (even if it’s virtual) 

Whether you live alone, with family or with roommates, making time to catch up with people outside of your space will not only bring more normalcy into your life but help you combat loneliness as you continue to work from home. If you do meet up with people outside your home in person, make sure to do so safely. You can also connect virtually on any of the video platforms like Zoom or Skype. Even a phone call on speaker mode is a great way to connect if you’re feeling the burnout of Zoom from work.  


Are you looking for more wellness hacks to stay happy and healthy? Zenfuel is here to help you on every aspect of your health journey. Namaste!