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The 5 Minute Hacks to a High Vibe Morning Ritual

 Are you struggling to cultivate a morning routine and stay energized throughout the day? Well, look no further! 

 On our latest episode of Journey to Zen, we spoke with Spiritual Expansion Mentor Taylor Simpson about her 11 step High Vibe morning ritual. We wanted to break down each step of her process and give you hacks that you can do this in 5 minutes or less.  

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1) Think of 3 things youre grateful for when your eyes open 


This can be as simple as saying a few things youre grateful for out loud or thinking them in your head. By shifting to a mindset of gratitude, you set yourself up to starting the day in an abundant mindset rather than a worrisome, low frequency one. 


2) Sage & Palo in a ritual space 


Like Taylor, we believe in the power of all natural herbs when it comes to your overall health and wellness, just check out some of our high vibe supplements! Sage and Palo have distinct scents that can cleanse any negative energy in your living space. 


3) 45 minute meditation 


Meditation can be as simple as doing a few minutes of breath work or following a quick guided meditation online. We even have our own FREE 2-minute meditations with or without music! 


4) Open your heart with a Cacao Ceremony 


Cacao helps you feel more connected to yourself and your heart chakra. All you need to do is set an intention, whether thats to deepen your understanding of who you are, release old patterns or gain self-confidence.  



5) Stream of Consciousness writing in an Ascend journal. 


An ascend journal can be a quick source of catharsis in the morning. All you need to do is write whatever comes to mind and get all of your thoughts out. Its okay if its gets a little messy sometimes! 


6) Write out some questions you have for yourself and answer them 


This could be anything that helps you set your intention(s) for the day. By providing yourself answers to the things youre unsure of about yourself, you automatically put yourself in a place to connect to a more abundant mindset.  


7) Read for (up to) 45 minutes. 


Stimulate your mind by opening your favorite book, reading a blog or even listening to an audio book. 


8) Tarot card pull layout, asking what is todays message? 


If you have a deck of Tarot cards, simply shuffle them and see which cards fall out of the deck. Each Tarot card has a different meaning and the ones that fall out of the deck tend to be the ones that resonate with YOU on a given morning. A little guidance never hurt anyone! 


9) 20 minute Chakra Balancing Breathwork 


Finding a balanced breath is a simple yet powerful solution to starting your day on a positive note. We have 7 energy points known as Chakras that align from the top to bottom of our bodies. Check out our Chakras 101 blog to learn more!


10) 10 Sun Salutations to shift the energy while verbally declaring your intentions. 


Any form of movement in your space will shift the energy around you. By doing a few sun salutations in the morning, youll not only get your blood flowing but will have the opportunity to set an intention and start your morning on a high note. 


11)Vibrational medicine (i.e. playing a Pura Drum) 


Vibrational medicine can be anything that makes noise, whether that be an instrument or some of your favorite music. As we all know, different instruments and beats can evoke different emotions, so its important to be mindful of what you listen to in the morning to get ready for the day. 


Interested in learning more about cultivating a High Vibe morning routine? Check out our latest episode of Journey to Zen where Taylor discusses in-depth hacks on how to create a more abundant life.