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Zenfuel Provides Radical Transparency to Consumers with TagOne Partnership

Zenfuel believes that YOU are entitled to know everything about what we offer YOU in our products. With all the misinformation about the meaning of (and, oftentimes, the inability to pronounce) the ingredients we consume, having a platform to help you understand what you’re putting in your body is imperative to YOUR overall health. That’s why we pride ourselves on radical transparency of data, facts and information. We couldn’t be more excited to tell you about our partnership with a cutting-edge supply chain transparency partner called TagOne.

TagOne leverages blockchain technology to track ingredient across their life cycle, providing YOU with all relevant details on how our product is born in farms. The software has been specifically developed for the food and natural products industry, so you can know where every ingredient is coming from at each step of its life cycle, from farm to bottle to YOUR hands.

Whether YOU scan the QR code on YOUR bottle or reach out from the product detail pages at retail, YOU can learn more about :

  • The farms our herbs are grown on and the who the farmers are
  • So much more on how we are MADE IN THE USA
  • Fair labor practices for women and children in the entire supply chain
  • A detailed description of every ingredient and their benefits
  • Quality reports of ingredients and each finished Zenfuel product

We’re also happy to tell YOU that all of our supplements are chemical and filler free. Our capsules are even made with plant fibers, so YOU are taking a truly 100 5 plant-based supplement.

To learn more about all our pure and potent herbal ingredients we use, simply scan the QR code on your Zenfuel bottle using your smartphone. YOU will then be taken to an easy to navigate portal where YOU can learn more about everything YOU want to know about our supplements. That’s exactly what we mean when we say radical transparency, from farm to bottle. It’s more than a tagline for us, it’s the way we conduct business, because at Zenfuel, your happiness is our ambition!