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Why is Ashwagandha Extract Growing in Popularity?

Ashwagandha has steadily grown in popularity over recent years due to the powerful effect it can have on the brain, and how it responds to stress. The Ashwagandha plant is native to India and North Africa, and is one of the most widely used medicines in ancient Ayurvedic wellness, the Indian approach to natural wellness based healing.  

The active ingredients in the Ashwagandha plant have been shown to have a powerful effect on imbalanced hormone levels, as well as stress and anxiety, which could contribute to a multitude of other health issues.  

Ashwagandha could directly reduce cortisol levels in the brain, which is linked to abnormal levels of stress and anxiety. Cortisol is a very important chemical in the brain because it directly influences so many facets of someone’s health. High cortisol levels can throw hormone levels off balance which can contribute to uncontrollable weight gain or loss, hypo or hyper-thyroidism, acne, hair loss, and even some mild forms of depression.   

Additionally, like several of the Ayurvedic plant extracts, Ashwagandha is known to have many anti-inflammatory properties, so it can be used to combat a weak immune system, brain fog, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.   

The great thing about Ashwangandha is it's extremely accessible. You can take Ashwagandha capsules like Zenfuel’s ZenSonno, which is free of chemicals and fillers. There are also dry root powders or liquid supplements, depending on what kind of dosage your physician may recommend.